Our commitment to an exceptional future. 

VIQ Construction
Founded in 2014, VIQ Construction is a young company looking to make a big difference in the built environment. With over 50 years of collective experience, in general contracting and construction management, VIQ has the expertise to succesfully lead clients from the very inception of a project to its eventual operation and maintenance. Using the collaborative approach of integrated project delivery, VIQ can effectively implement the best-fit solutions for each and every project type. 
People are the reason we build, so everything and everyway we build must reflect the intrinsic value of a person. For this reason, we actively seek ways to provide a healthy built environment that promotes the well-being of occupants and external stakeholders alike.
Planet earth is an incredible place that must be preserved for future generations. Not only is it incredible, but it is vital for our survival. This is why we are adamant about reducing waste, selecting durable, recyclable, materials and ensuring our projects result in less emmisions and less energy consumption than projects completed in the past.
Profit is not a dirty word, as some might define it today. We believe that every project must not only be profitable, but also affordable. We work hard to ensure that clients realize the full value of their project, through active value management and stringent cost control, because an unaffordable project is simply not sustainable.