Is it possible to have perfect harmony between form and function?
Considerate Contemporary
This considerate contemporay home will provide expansive views, soaring ceilings and chic finishes, while reducing energy consumption through the use of high performance windows, increased thermal insulation, thoughtful roof projections and efficient mechanical systems.
1333  -  Sladen Court 

Retail Renovation
This 1,300 ft2 tenant improvement transformed a space previously clad in cultured stone and wood veneer, into a clean, modern, dispensary. The owners chose to incorporate the existing polished concrete slab  as a finished floor surface and reused the high-gloss white cabinets where possible. 
Modern Mansion
This 1,900 ft2, net-zero energy home provides all the modern comforts within the confines of a right-sized space. A high performance building envelope, coupled with an advanced heating/cooling system and 7.4 kW solar array, allow this home to produce more energy than its occupants consume.
Cedar Ridge Court - 2525